is a garden irrigation system and educational tool designed in the context of Longido, Tanzania.

when you have scarce water resources and limited access to agricultural education, how do you begin a garden?

Visit to Longido!

I had the privilege of visiting Longido, Tanzania, located just North of Arusha along the Kenyan border. Working alongside NGO's Learning in Longido, and Project Tembo, we presented our project ideas to interested locals. I worked directly with the gardener at Learning in Longido building a functional prototype. At the end of the week, we presented our ideas to teachers and community leaders. We led a brainstorming session and then showed them what we had been working on. They were excited for the potential to use it as a learning tool, and to show on tours what a successful garden can look like.


We built a full scale prototype garden on-site at the community garden centre outside Learning in Longido. We also created several small scale prototypes which we used to test out specific ideas before and after our trip to Tanzania.