is a branding exploration for a sustainable headphone brand.

Young people are becoming interested in leading more eco-friendly lives. This brand is for an imaginary headphone brand that would source and build their components sustainably.

CMF exploration

What would headphones look like that belong to this brand? What colors, materials, and forms represent this brand?


Sketching with my favorite Papermate Flair pen, I ideate on the brand name and brand mark, thinking about the values this brand might have and the message it is intended to communicate.

Brand Development

After laying the foundations of what the brand goal is through CMF mood boards, I explore what shapes and fonts might go with this brand mark. I then mocked it up onto some business cards as an example of the brand.

Final Design

The final design is a representation of an ear and a worm. The name comes from the idiom "ear worm" which means an infectiously catchy song or tune that gets stuck in your head. This eye-catching brand mark sticks in your mind in the same way. It communicates the values of this brand, as it represents an eco-friendly headphones brand.