Design Experience

l am currently freelancing as an industrial designer for MindFlow Design, as well as seeking ongoing contracts.

Read more about my design work below.

My Resume
Working remotely alongside senior designers and engineers to design medical products. Interfacing directly with a variety of clients, expressing ideas through presentations, sketching, CAD visualizations, and physical models. I also assist with blog writing for the Mindflow Design blog which includes writing copy, creating content imagery, and designing educational infographics.
Illustration + Writing
Infographic Research + Design
As the sole designer on a team with five software developers, we collaborated with internal clients, and BC Cancer, to create and deliver a mixed reality HoloLens application which helps researchers visualize tumours in 3D.

Creative Projects & Freelance

I would like to think of myself as a jack of all trades when it comes to design - the more creative outlets the better!  These are a few snapshots from my recent personal and professional projects.
Creative Projects