is a portable cleaning tool system designed for people who move around frequently.

using sustainably sourced and renewable materials, this modular design closes the loop on the linear "take, make, dispose" economy we use today because it allows people to move with their furniture, and easily replace broken parts.

People move around all the time and are looking for objects they can invest in that will stick around in their homes....and not in the landfills.

Using the circular design methodology, Spot intends to change the way we use materials.

By considering the products after-life, materials are more carefully chosen so that they fit into either a "Biological" or "Technical" cycle. This way, all resources can be reused indefinitely (such as aluminum), and biological components (such as wood and fibers) can be organically composted and turned into bio-fuel or compost.

cleaning habits survey out of 20 participants

cleaning frequency


are the primary cleaner of their household

take cleaning tools with them when they move

consider sustainability in their buying decision

circular design cycle

idea generation

design aesthetic

Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design because of their popularity in home furnishing design as well as their unique simplicity.


Using paper, cardboard, and found objects, I prototyped some concepts for a collapsible and portable cleaning tool system.

I was inspired by the Swiffer by P&G. This is a commonly found tool in most households because of it's ease of use and portability.

The only down side: it isn't a very sustainable product. They use disposable wet sheets, and people will sometimes throw away the entire Swiffer when they move away.