My name is Carmen Cumming. It's nice to meet you!

Professionally, I am...

a designer who has spent the last few years developing experiences for medical devices including laboratory diagnostic devices, disposable test kits, mobile apps that pair with hardware, instructions for use and operator manuals, and more.

I am excited to bring my skills to a new position, so if you are looking for someone who is excited to apply medical device industry knowledge to product design, let's talk :)

A little about me.

Although I was born in Ottawa, I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas, moved back to Ottawa to go to university, then moved to Carlsbad (near San Diego, California) and Vancouver, BC for a year of internships before finishing my last year of school in Ottawa. Then I started my full-time career designing medical devices in Carlsbad, California, before finally settling down here in beautiful Nova Scotia. (This crazy story is my usual response to the question: so how did you end up here?)

I have always been drawn to design; I was on my middle school robotics team (I know I'm a huge nerd). Looking back, I would say that I was actually the "designer" of the robotics team. I designed the t-shirts, buttons, and posters, and gave our pitch presentation to the judges in a 10' by 10' booth that I designed and built. So, you could say I was always meant to do this.

Feel free to connect with me through my email carmen.cumming@outlook.com or through my LinkedIn!