The Box of Life

is a vermi-composting brand and social enterprise based in Ottawa, Ontario.

I worked with the founder of the company as their first employee to make vermi (worm) composting friendly and accessible.

As the marketing and design lead at the Box of Life, l created and executed brand strategy including website design, graphic design, photography, and social media management.

Website redesign

Redesigned the Shopify storefront for The Box of Life. I began by analysing the existing website for opportunities for improvement. Then I created a wireframe outlining the information that would best guide customers toward a purchasing decision. I focused on raising the visibility of value propositions, and access to FAQs because the customers arrive to the site expecting to be educated.

Worm parenting guide

Designed and illustrated a worm parenting guide. This is an instructional booklet that goes alongside the Box of Life Worm Studio so that new owners can learn how to set up and maintain their vermi-composting system.

Instagram content strategy

Designed and illustrated educational branded content for social media. Created a brand story to explain vermi-composting to new and potential customers.

Illustrated merch

Illustrated custom merch for t-shirts, stickers, and tote bags. Designed with screen printing in mind, the colours are simple, yet eye-catching. The wormy mascot is always present, sometimes carrying a message about composting or the earth.

Marketing strategy

Helped guide the owner of the company to develop 3 marketing personas. These personas would be used to drive website design, Instagram stories, future products, and any informational guidance customers may need.

Product photography

Took product photographs of The Box of Life Worm Studio to be used on social media marketing and the website.