the lunenburg barnacle

is a local newspaper serving Lunenburg county, Nova Scotia, since 2023.

l am the layout editor for the Barnacle, was one of 5 founding members of the newspaper, and I am on the board of directors for this non-profit, co-operative organization.

layout editing & design for print

We are halfway through our first volume and we have published and printed 5 issues of The Lunenburg Barnacle as of June 2023. Click on the images below to see the full issue on

final branding

Designed and refined the selected logo and applied the branding to other assets including posters, a media kit, an instagram feed template, website design, videography, and a brand style guide.

media kit

Created a media/press kit document to send to potential advertisers, giving them all the pricing and specifications they would need to purchase advertising space in the newspaper or online.

website design

Designed a Wordpress website based on the Twenty Twenty Three template. Working with the Barnacle team, we created a customized website using plugins, custom code, and the Wordpress editor.


For the cover story of our second issue, we interviewed a local resident who has been playing the bells at St. John's Anglican Church for 40 years. We decided this needed a video to show what these bells look like from inside the church. I filmed and edited this video.